How To Join

Qualifications: Membership is limited to:

(a) Lawyers who are members in good standing of their local and state bar associations and

(b) Who have distinguished themselves by focusing at least one-third (33.33%) of their practice on family law matters and have, as lead counsel, handled a minimum of 50 divorces to a final divorce decree.

Further Classifications:

Platinum Class: (300 or more divorce handled)

Gold Class: (200 to 299 divorces handled)

Silver Class: (100 to 199 divorces handled)

Member: (50 to 99 divorces handled)

Benefits (if accepted):

(a) Recognition by peers and clients of your admission to this elite association of trial lawyers.

(b) Posting of your name at on the Elite Lawyers of America Web Site.

(c) A desktop award to proudly display at your office or home to commemorate this honor.

(d) Add this honor to your already impressive curriculum vitae.

As you handle additional family law matters, move up to a higher classification within the organization.

Advertise your membership (Where ethically permitted by your state's canon of ethics).

Application and Cost:

*Cost to apply is $500.00. Your application will be reviewed and you will be notified of your acceptance within 2 weeks of receipt of your check and completed application.

Those interested in applying for membership may obtain an application by calling us, writing to us, or downloading and completing the application provided.

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1409 Hausman Rd.
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(610) 432-2221